Portrait Dr. Ercan Soenmez

Dr. Ercan Soenmez is acting professor at the ISA in the winter term 2022/2023.

October 13, 2022 / ISA

Acting Professor Dr. Ercan Soenmez on his main research interests and what he offers to students
[Picture: Soenmez]

The main research interests are in two areas of stochastics: the theory of random graphs and stochastic differential equations.

Random graphs are stochastic models of networks of all kinds; my research is devoted to the geometric characterization, including from an extreme value theory perspective, of models describing certain observed phenomena in real networks.

In the area of stochastic differential equations, I am interested in existence and uniqueness issues as well as regularity properties of solutions to equations when the underlying stochastic component is a mixture of two processes with different properties.

Next semester I will offer the lecture "Extreme Value Theory" and the advanced seminar "Random Graphs and Networks". In addition, I am involved in the computer lab for the bachelor.

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