Institute for Stochastics and Applications

Machine learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Biostatistics, nonparametric density estimation, Statistical modelling of extreme events especially in the life sciences such as biology and medicine as well as climate and environmental sciences and more

The research groups and their research foci.

The ISA lecturers

  • PD J. Dippon: Stochastic Analysis und Stochastic Processes, Biostatistics
  • Prof. C. Hesse: Stochastic Modelling, nonparametric density estimation
  • Jun.-Prof. M. Oesting: Extreme value theory and statistics, Spatial Statistics
  • Prof. N. Radde: Mathematical modeling and simulation of cellular systems
  • Prof. I. Steinwart: Statistical learning theory / Machine learning
ISA lecturers
Dr. Sönmez, Prof. Hesse, Prof. Radde, PD Dippon, Prof. Steinwart, Jun.-Prof. Oesting (from left to right)
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