Schwanke and Hesse and Math

February 5, 2020 / Elke Maurer

"Math is everywhere. Schwanke in conversation mit Christian Hesse", a 45-minute programme on ARD-alpha.
[Picture: BR/Maximilian Schecker]

In 2018, the Tagesthemen meteorologist Karsten Schwanke, together with an ARD television team, accompanied Christian Hesse to various events at various locations, including the Federal Constitutional Court and the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg. Numerous conversations between the two were recorded about the applications of mathematics in many areas. Five 15-minute episodes and a 45-minute programme were produced from the footage. This was broadcast on 29.01.2020 from 21:00 - 21:45 in first broadcast on ARD-alpha, with repetition on 30.01. from 17:15 - 18.00. Title of the programme "Mathe ist überall. Schwanke in conversation with Christian Hesse".

In German language.


Programme ARD

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